Whatever your engineering requirements, alimex have an extensive range of approved, innovative semi finished aluminium products in stock, including:

ACP 5xxx

High precision aluminium cast plate, is characterised by its fine grain structure, low porosity, excellent machining and material dimensional stability, all achieved by alimex’s proprietary processes and manufacturing control. Our flatness and tolerances are industry leading; predicable and precise.

ACP 5xxx cast plate and block is characterised by the following seven variants:

  1. ACP 5080 P – Precision machined surfaces both sides
  2. ACP 5080 R – Saw plates & blocks
  3. ACP 5080 – GIANT – extreme size capabilities in machined or sawn 
  4. ACP 5080 – MF – Mirror surface finish max. Ra 0.15um 1 side
  5. ACP 5080 S/RS – special solution material for semi-con, solar, display panels etc.
  6. ACP 5052 – Exceptional visual and aesthetics
  7. ACP 5754 – Special applications also with coated surface finishes Alimex


Our 6xxx series aluminium, cast plate is renowned for its low inherent internal stress, excellent machining characteristics and uniform consistency throughout the material. Due to the superior cast structure and extended thermal treatment during production, ACP 6000 offers high dimensional stability during extreme machining

PLANAL / Rolled 

5083, 6082, 7075 alimex can further offer rolled aluminium plates which are precision surface machined on both sides. Our rolled variants are given a thermal treatment to relieve any built-in stress before precision surface machining. High strength and high precision are the main features of this product group.

ACP 7xxx

New 7000 AL cast tooling plate - High strength/high hardness HB 120

  1. ACP 7 / ACP 7R – High Strength 7021 cast aluminium blocks and plate